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Derrick is a graduate of the New Mexico public school system and became the first male from his Pueblo to graduate from law school. Observing his mother's 42 years of headstart teaching and his experience teaching in New Mexico's public universities, Derrick has witnessed the struggles students, parents and teachers face in the public school system. Derrick believes it is time to adequately fund our schools, beginning at the early childhood level, to provide the necessary resources to ensure our children are prepared for the future.


Derrick believes that all people, regardless of socioeconomic status, race or ethnicity, deserve to live in a clean and healthy environment and that we owe it to our Mother Earth to protect her beauty. In addition to renewable energy, air quality, land use and other important environmental issues, water will continue to be one of our state's most important natural resources.

Derrick has over 18 years working on New Mexico water issues. He understands the importance of water quality and recognizes the delicate balance of appropriating water for Native Americans, farmers, species, recreation and municipalities.

Derrick has a proven track record of building bridges between groups and believes we must proactively collaborate and communicate to protect the environment for our future generations.

Jobs & The Economy

Derrick is a seasoned businessman. Derrick has experienced the challenges of being a small business owner and wants to promote other small businesses in their efforts to prosper, grow and create jobs. Derrick believes that in addition to growing our economy, we must support our workers and ensure they feel secure in their jobs.

Derrick understands that we cannot allow our best and brightest to be forced to leave our state to find quality employment elsewhere. That we have an obligation to our heritage and our families to have opportunities for our sons and daughters to realize their dreams right here in New Mexico.


District 65 is a geographically large area. It includes some of the oldest inhabited areas of New Mexico. It spans from the Pueblos and small towns in the middle Rio Grande valley to the rural Navajo Chapters, Jicarilla Apache and other communities in the high desert and mountains of northern/northwestern New Mexico. Every point in-between has infrastructure needs. Derrick will fight for capital outlay monies to invest in roads, water supply, sewer, drainage, electricity, and telecommunications to sustain and develop our social and economic wellbeing. 

Tribal Sovereignty

District 65 is rooted in its diversity, its families and its history, including the rich traditions of its Native American communities. Derrick is a true supporter of tribal sovereignty. He is a candidate with the education, experience and voice to protect and promote the sovereignty of New Mexico's Native American communities.

Derrick is committed to the Native American community by taking care of those who need a helping hand and giving a voice to those who have not had representation.

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